Friday, March 15, 2013

A Beach Weekend

We have had a crazy heatwave here over the last couple of weeks. Last week it really peaked with even the nights being in the 20's. So how do you get a little respite when you have no airconditioning in the house?

Well other than crashing at my parents house a couple of times, we hit up the beach this weekend.

Saturday night we went to Torquay for frozen yogurt and to dip Hugo's toes in the water for the first time. The tide was in and night was falling, so the water was pretty chilly. Hugo wasn't too impressed.
On Sunday we went down mid afternoon when it was warmer and the tide was out. Cozy Corner beach gets a fabulous shallow pool when the tide is out that is perfect for kids to paddle around in, and was perfect to try dipping Hugo into again.

Round two went a little better. I was able to kneel down near a shallow puddle in the sand and he kicked his toes around for a little while.
I'm so looking forward to next summer and being able to go to the beach a lot more, knowing Hugo will be able to play more in the sand and the water. I love the beach and we are so blessed to have some beautiful beaches a 20 minute drive from our house.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Four Months

It feels like it was just yesterday that I was putting up Hugo's three month post! It's going to get to his 12 month one before I know it. Better start planning his birthday party!!

Well Mr Hugo bear, this month has seen the most growth and development I think we have had so far, or at least it seems that way.

Those tight, little balled up fists you had are disappearing and being replaced with open palms and fingers reaching and grasping at anything that catches your eye. They also spend a lot of time in your mouth. Sucking on your fist and your fingers, and you seem to take great delight in seeing how far into your mouth they will go, up till the point of making yourself gag. Doesn't seem to thwart you though.

Your legs are starting to get very active too. You quite often push yourself backwards when having your nappy changed, and your head ends up half off the change pad. You also use them to propel yourself around when you are on your tummy. I'll put you down facing one direction and ten minutes later you have done a 180! Daddy will often make you stand up on his lap and he takes great delight in when you push off of his legs with your own.

Your hair is starting to get longer, you have some real fuzz going on up top. We went to bed one Friday night with a little baldy and woke up the next morning to a fuzzy headed little fella. You are into size 00 clothing, and I packed all your 000 things away today. You are starting to rock and push up with one leg when you are lying on the floor, experimenting with how your body moves. I'm sure you'll be rolling around soon.  You still love the lion you got for Christmas from Aunty Lari, he goes everywhere with us.

In just this last week you have come a long way. Your head control is much better, you can sit up with our help and your little head bobs around as you take in the view. You have also been giggling a few time - a real little boy kind of chuckle - and I love the sound of it. Each time I have made you laugh though you have gotten the hiccups. I'm not sure what the connection is buy it's pretty funny. You have been blowing lots of raspberries this week to and love it when someone does them back to you. Daddy also lifted you up over his head this week like and aeroplane and you loved it. Even if you have been a little grisly when we have lifted you up like that this week you have given us your gummy smile. It's managed to keep you happy a couple of times while I get ready to give you a feed.

Also this week you had your first time being away from me. I let you go to the kids program when I was at BSF. It was only for an hour, but Mummy had a little separation anxiety. There may have been a few tears (me). We both survived.

My favourite part of the day is first thing, when I hear you waking up. I roll over and wait until your eyes find mine, and you then break out into the cutest, scrunchy nose, gummy smile. The best way to wake up. You never wake up upset in the morning, you are always happy to just lay there looking at the window until I start talking to you. Then we smile and chat for a little while until you get hungry, or until Daddy comes in and then you repeat the process with him. I have never been a morning person, but waking up to your little happy face makes morning my new favourite time of the day.