Thursday, May 23, 2013

Six Months

Can you see that tiny little tooth poking through?!! Also, the poor little fella had been sick for nearly a week when I took these photos. He was such a happy boy even while unwell.

I'm only 20 days late with getting Hugo's six month post up, but what are you going to do? between my computer viruses, moving house and then Dave's computer crapping out on us too, this is really the first chance I've had.

Six months. Half a year old.

In the past month we have had a bunch of firsts. First tooth, first illness, starting to sit up on your own, rolling from your back to your tummy all. the. time. Even during nappy changes. This last months has been full of developmental goodness, and is my favorite age yet.

You are such a happy little boy, and the absolute joy of our lives. Even when sick and snuffly, you gave us more smiles than not.

You absolutely love your daddy. Your smile gets the biggest when he gets home from work, and daddy is the one who gets the most laughs out of you.

Your hair is starting to get quite long now, and people everywhere comment on it. Even complete strangers in shops. It is a pretty good style. People would pay good money to have it cut that way. A little shorter on the sides and back, and long on top! He's so stylin'

You have really started to loose the little baby look. Oh, sure you are still completely snuggly when in your jamies, but you often get a look in your eye or when you are in some of your outfits that makes you just look like a complete dude!

Your eyes are so soulful. And expressive. They light up when I tickle you and you look at me like you know its such a funny thing. They get all crinkly at the sides and seem so deep.

You are really starting to recognize familiar faces, other than mine and daddy's, now too. Grandpa is very excited by this. He also is very excited about the way you give hugs now, the way you snuggle your head into  the person whose holding you and tuck your arms around their neck.

You still love the Spot books we read before naps, and you have started to hold onto your feet a. lot. Even while feeding. You'll grab onto your sock or pants and lift your foot up onto my shoulder while you lay there having your milk.

We are so proud of you and love you so much. Our life is nothing but better with you in it. I know daddy loves to be able to say "my son," and having you gave me everything I have ever dreamed of since I was young. I love every moment of having you in my life, even the hard ones. You are growing me, and stretching me and making me a better person. I only hope and pray, my one hope and prayer, that when you are grown up you will only be able to say that I loved you well and that you are glad that I am your mum. I am so proud to be your mum.

We love you little Hugo bear.

Monday, May 6, 2013


(I actually wrote this post nearly a week ago and am just now getting around to posting it)
I'm sitting in bed at 1:15 in the afternoon typing this post on my phone.


A. Because my computer got a crazy bunch of viruses on it yesterday (I opened what I thought was a YouTube video. It wasn't. Hello trojan and friends) and

B. because I have a sick little buddy asleep on me.

He's not too sick, just a little cold, but sleeping lying on his back is making breathing a little hard so he is in my arms. I like it. I'm savouring it.

Although I am a little hungry.

Oh, baby's first illness. I am so grateful that this is all we have to contend with, a runny nose and a little cough.

He has sat in the bathroom with me while I had a ridiculously hot shower with eucalyptus oil poured in the bottom. We steamed up the room good. He can have another one with daddy tonight. I bought a humidifier and that's been running since we got home from the chemist with some essential oils in it too.

Even if it's not helping Hugo's nose mine is certainly feeling very clear today!

We're off to the chiro soon too which, when I tried to cancel he appointment, they told me can help free up the immune system, so hopefully that will help heal my little wonder boy too.

(Today, 6/5. Still a house full of sickies. Still no computer for me. hopefully we can all kick this thing this week!)