Sunday, October 27, 2013

Eleven Months

So close to the one year mark!!!
This boy loves eating now. He loves yogurt, cheese, cheerios and chicken lunch meat. He also loves to eat whatever we eat, which makes things so much easier.
He is on the go so much more now, still just the army crawl, but he is so fast now and goes from room to room in the house on his own.
He had his first wedding (Benny and Emma!!) and his first real time being baby sat (for longer than an hour) by Nana Cheryl.
His little personality is really starting to shine now. he is independent, knows what he wants, is cheeky, likes to do things that make us laugh, and he is really clever and working things out.
He has a bunch of plastic cups that stack one on top of the other, and he thinks its hilarious to wait until we have built the tower, and then he crawls over and knocks it down, laughing hysterically!
Has really gotten into peek-a-boo
He loves to scoot over to where Dave's guitar sits on the floor and tap it or strum the strings.
Loves to bang things.
We turned his car seat around on the 22/9, and he loves sitting up in the big boy position. He sits back in it and laughs to himself!
He has started the bum-up sleep position on his tummy. Its so cute and kind of feels like a baby milestone.
I'm actually only getting this post up a week before his first birthday. I cannot believe how quickly this year has gone, and that this time next week I'll have a toddler!?!?!