Thursday, December 5, 2013

Hugo's 1st Birthday Party

We had a small, simply party for Hugo on his birthday in our backyard. Homemade pizza cooked on the bbq and ice-cream sundae's were on the menu. Of course we had cupcakes too and Hugo had his own little smash cake, which he was a bit timid about at first but, with a little prompting, after his first taste he was right into it!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

One Year!

A little snapshot of Hugo at 12 months.
Sits on the floor and throws a small ball back and forth with us.
Has finally slept in his cot a few times for day sleeps and a couple of nights now too (not the whole night, but has started the night there)
Has finally started to crawl properly. He was doing the army crawl for such a long time, but the day before his birthday he had a chiro appointment and after that seemed to just free him up and that afternoon he started to crawl correctly. He hasn't stopped since! The first time he crawled properly was because he was in just a nappy on a warm day and he didn't like the feel of the carpet on his stomach as he was sliding around in his usual style. The best bit was we caught it on camera!
His seventh tooth came through on the 10th of October.
He loves pizza crusts! he shoves whole big chunks in his mouth and then struggles to chew properly.
Claps his hands
Is saying a few words: dada, mum, pup, nana, pa and tries to copy other words too. he can also say "woof" when you ask what a puppy says. He has also gotten pretty close to saying lari.

How quickly a year can go. Its hard to believe that this time last year we were bringing home a tiny bundle of joy. Now he's a big bundle of energy!

We love you Hugo. This year has been amazing, incredible and unforgettable, all because of you.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Eleven Months

So close to the one year mark!!!
This boy loves eating now. He loves yogurt, cheese, cheerios and chicken lunch meat. He also loves to eat whatever we eat, which makes things so much easier.
He is on the go so much more now, still just the army crawl, but he is so fast now and goes from room to room in the house on his own.
He had his first wedding (Benny and Emma!!) and his first real time being baby sat (for longer than an hour) by Nana Cheryl.
His little personality is really starting to shine now. he is independent, knows what he wants, is cheeky, likes to do things that make us laugh, and he is really clever and working things out.
He has a bunch of plastic cups that stack one on top of the other, and he thinks its hilarious to wait until we have built the tower, and then he crawls over and knocks it down, laughing hysterically!
Has really gotten into peek-a-boo
He loves to scoot over to where Dave's guitar sits on the floor and tap it or strum the strings.
Loves to bang things.
We turned his car seat around on the 22/9, and he loves sitting up in the big boy position. He sits back in it and laughs to himself!
He has started the bum-up sleep position on his tummy. Its so cute and kind of feels like a baby milestone.
I'm actually only getting this post up a week before his first birthday. I cannot believe how quickly this year has gone, and that this time next week I'll have a toddler!?!?!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Ten Months

I'm getting more and more behind with getting these posts up. This fella is closer to 11 months than he is ten, but here goes anyway!

He lifts the flaps in picture books now.
Has two books that he know really well - 'Spot Visits the Farm' seems to be the clear favourite, and he gets excited every time we turn the page to the cranky goose and squeals with excitement.
Loves to feed himself we have discovered. Anything shaped like a chip that he can grip, he will happily much away on. So glad we finally figured this out!! He also prefers to eat what we eat so we have been giving hims spaghetti, chicken, weet-bix. Whatever we have going on, he wants in on!
He started to army crawl on the 28th using one arm. My phone has been great incentive to get him scooting along.
Up until then he had been spinning around in circles on him tummy to get to where he wanted to go and to toys he wanted.

Just a short one this time, but we cannot believe how quickly he is growing and how close to one year old he is! Slow down time!!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Nine Months

Nine months came and went in a blur of moving several times and generally having some crazy, stressful family times. And I am so late getting this post up that he is almost ten months!! Also, this is why this post is very short on words. We had so much going on that I really can't remember too many specifics of the last month or so. But nevertheless, here we go!
Teeth five and six arrived!! I mean, look at those cheeky choppers above! Could the kid get any cuter? (Probably. I say this every month!)
He knows where his toes are and can point out mine.
He's really starting to express his opinions, which is really fun when trying to get him dressed and he doesn't want to!
We moved house
He turns the pages of his books when we read together, mostly with his left hand, which he is starting to show a preference for.
Still not a big fan of solid food yet, but he still LOVES his milk!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Baby Teeth Brushing

This boy loves to brush his teeth.

We bought him a toothbrush when his first tooth popped through, just for him to chew on and get used to the idea of using one. Right from the start he loved to chomp on the bristles and somehow he knew exactly what to do with it and moves it back and forth across his teeth!

It's unbelieveably cute!

He loves brushing his teeth almost as much as he likes looking at himself in the mirror!!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Eight Months

oh gosh, look at all those teeth!!!
This boy is growing up way too fast!
And that last photo might be my favourite one of him ever! Those teeth! That nose crinkle! Love this boy so much.

This age is so fun. His interactions with people and the world as a whole are just growng in leaps and bounds.
He is now reaching out for people when he wants to be held, responding to his name (been doing that for quite a while now)
He looks at people when you ask where they are. Mummy, Daddy, Grandpa, Nana, Lari and Huxley(the dog)
Still practicing getting his knees up underneath him, and rocking from side to side when on his stomach.
He sits well by himself now and happily plays.
He mimics faces, laughs and coughs, shaking his head side to side, and poking his tongue out.
He had his first bottle of ebm. He hasn't really taken to it, and only had a couple since then.
Had his first trip to Phillip Island followed closely by a trip to Bendigo
Teeth number three and four have popped through. They came through a little funny though. The second tooth to the right came through before the front right one did!
He started chewing on his toes when we change his nappy, and pulls on either the bottom of his footed PJ's or his socks until they come off.
His little sense of humour is starting to develop. He is starting to recognise when he's funny and he gets the cutest little cheeky glint in his eyes when we play games with him.

Each day with our boy gets more and more fun. While I certainly don't wish away these days with him (well, maybe the crappy, sleepless nights!) I can't help but be excited for the future with our Hugo. I can wait to see what he learns to do next, how he changes and grows, to watch as more of his personality comes out.

This parenthood thing comes with its own set of challenges and responsibilities, but the joy and fulfillment that it brings is incomparable.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Seven Months

Seven months came and went in a bit of a blurr (obviously. this is being posted nearly a month late!) We moved house and Hugo was such a trooper through all the packing and disruption to his life.

His second tooth made it's appearance about two weeks after the first, and it really didn't seem to give him much trouble on its way through.

He's also been giving his high chairs a workout. We've used the one at nana and grandpa's (my mum and dad) house a bit, but we were given a second one that we have used when we went to Phillip Island and is great for travel.

Hugo also had his first taste of solid food finally!!! With the move it was just easier to hold off on introducing something else new until we were a little more settled. Some organic pumpkin was first on the menu. A very small amount went down, accompanied by some hilarious faces.

Seven months has been fun. Still loves the Postman Pat theme song. I can always get a smile out of him when I sing it. In fact the day I finished cleaning the kitchen at our old house I had it on repeat to keep him happy while he sat in his pram.

His hands have suddenly become utterly captivating to him. He studies them, and turns them this way and that, moving his fingers in and out like he's waving. (we actually have this on video and he repeatedly waved at James Whitehand after church one Sunday as we said goodbye!)

This month went by so fast, and our boy was so good with all the upheaval that was going on in his life.

We are so blessed to have this gift of Hugo!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Six Months

Can you see that tiny little tooth poking through?!! Also, the poor little fella had been sick for nearly a week when I took these photos. He was such a happy boy even while unwell.

I'm only 20 days late with getting Hugo's six month post up, but what are you going to do? between my computer viruses, moving house and then Dave's computer crapping out on us too, this is really the first chance I've had.

Six months. Half a year old.

In the past month we have had a bunch of firsts. First tooth, first illness, starting to sit up on your own, rolling from your back to your tummy all. the. time. Even during nappy changes. This last months has been full of developmental goodness, and is my favorite age yet.

You are such a happy little boy, and the absolute joy of our lives. Even when sick and snuffly, you gave us more smiles than not.

You absolutely love your daddy. Your smile gets the biggest when he gets home from work, and daddy is the one who gets the most laughs out of you.

Your hair is starting to get quite long now, and people everywhere comment on it. Even complete strangers in shops. It is a pretty good style. People would pay good money to have it cut that way. A little shorter on the sides and back, and long on top! He's so stylin'

You have really started to loose the little baby look. Oh, sure you are still completely snuggly when in your jamies, but you often get a look in your eye or when you are in some of your outfits that makes you just look like a complete dude!

Your eyes are so soulful. And expressive. They light up when I tickle you and you look at me like you know its such a funny thing. They get all crinkly at the sides and seem so deep.

You are really starting to recognize familiar faces, other than mine and daddy's, now too. Grandpa is very excited by this. He also is very excited about the way you give hugs now, the way you snuggle your head into  the person whose holding you and tuck your arms around their neck.

You still love the Spot books we read before naps, and you have started to hold onto your feet a. lot. Even while feeding. You'll grab onto your sock or pants and lift your foot up onto my shoulder while you lay there having your milk.

We are so proud of you and love you so much. Our life is nothing but better with you in it. I know daddy loves to be able to say "my son," and having you gave me everything I have ever dreamed of since I was young. I love every moment of having you in my life, even the hard ones. You are growing me, and stretching me and making me a better person. I only hope and pray, my one hope and prayer, that when you are grown up you will only be able to say that I loved you well and that you are glad that I am your mum. I am so proud to be your mum.

We love you little Hugo bear.

Monday, May 6, 2013


(I actually wrote this post nearly a week ago and am just now getting around to posting it)
I'm sitting in bed at 1:15 in the afternoon typing this post on my phone.


A. Because my computer got a crazy bunch of viruses on it yesterday (I opened what I thought was a YouTube video. It wasn't. Hello trojan and friends) and

B. because I have a sick little buddy asleep on me.

He's not too sick, just a little cold, but sleeping lying on his back is making breathing a little hard so he is in my arms. I like it. I'm savouring it.

Although I am a little hungry.

Oh, baby's first illness. I am so grateful that this is all we have to contend with, a runny nose and a little cough.

He has sat in the bathroom with me while I had a ridiculously hot shower with eucalyptus oil poured in the bottom. We steamed up the room good. He can have another one with daddy tonight. I bought a humidifier and that's been running since we got home from the chemist with some essential oils in it too.

Even if it's not helping Hugo's nose mine is certainly feeling very clear today!

We're off to the chiro soon too which, when I tried to cancel he appointment, they told me can help free up the immune system, so hopefully that will help heal my little wonder boy too.

(Today, 6/5. Still a house full of sickies. Still no computer for me. hopefully we can all kick this thing this week!)

Monday, April 29, 2013

Shipping Container Home Storage

Have you ever seen a bunch of shipping containers converted into houses? Seriously so cool. And totally considering doing it one day.
Last week we purchased a shipping container in which to store all our stuff that won't be living with us in the shed.
Its 40 foot of shipping container. When Dave said he wanted to get that size I was all like, that's fine, whatever. I knew it would be large.
Man, that things is HUGE. Like two cars long, huge. Like you could live in it huge, and turn it into a house huge. well, with several other ones you could.
Hugo and I had to go out to the brother in laws place to show the delivery guy where to put the container. This was a very important job. Ain't no way that thing would be moved if we got it wrong.
So Hugo and I trundled out to visit our new home and
1. make sure the container was put in the right spot and
2. make sure the guy didn't drive the truck over the area where the septic is otherwise he would get bogged. And while I have a 4 wheel drive it would not be pulling out a stuck truck.
So some pictures of our new abode and our gigantic storage unit.

See that nice house on the left. that's where we won't be living. We are in the shed way over in the back. Picture on the right is our new home!
Waiting for the container to arrive. Hugo overseeing the work.

Now, back to my packing so we can start filling this baby up!

Friday, April 26, 2013

On Hitting My Stride

I love being mama. It's really all I have ever always wanted to be.

No one has ever filled my heart the way my son does. Nothing has ever been as beautiful to hold, as sweet to smell and as captivating to watch.

Right from the first moment I held him I felt complete. I found my purpose.

Oh, but there was some internal struggle, wrestling between my old self and my new self as mama.

I am an introvert. I need "me time." and usually a lot of it. I get refreshed from having time to myself.

But you don't get much me time as a new mother. Especially when you are the new mother of a new little boy who doesn't sleep well during the day. Who prefers to sleep in your arms. and if he does sleep on his own they are very, very, very short sleeps.

I'm not sure of the exact day, but it was about six weeks ago. Hugo was around 4 months, maybe a little older, when I realised that I was feeling more me again.

Not feeling exactly like the old me, the pre-mummy me, but feeling more myself.

I was laughing more easily, breathing more easily, feeling more human, and less tired. (Hugo starting to sleep better during the day has helped a lot)

I felt settled into my new role, and ok with the fact that it's different from my old one.

Don't get me wrong, I don't, not for one second, prefer the old me. I don't for one second miss the old me with more "me time."

I have everything I ever wanted. It just took me a little longer then I though it would to figure out my new rhythm, to really find my stride.

I have found it, and it is so very, very good.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


So over the weekend we became homeless.

Well, not exactly homeless, more like... houseless.

See a couple months back the lady who owns the house we have been renting passed away.

She had been unwell for a long time. That's why we were renting her place, so it's not like there was any great shock in her passing.

This situation was inevitable. We knew this day would come.

When we first moved in we had planned on perhaps buying this house when the time came. What we hadn't foreseen was when exactly that would happen, and what exactly our circumstances would be.

Because I'm not working we can only get a loan for $200,000.

That might sound like a lot, especially to Americans. 200K buys a lot of house in some areas over there.

Not so for us. It might get you a small, one bedroom unit in Geelong, or a house next door to drug dealers.

In many suburbs of Geelong, you can't even buy a block of land for that price.

So we made the decision to move out of the house we have been renting, even before they put it on the market, and move into Dave's brother's shed. And mum and dad's caravan.

It sounds much worse than it is. Dave's brother and his wife lived in it while they built their house. They even brought their brand new baby home to the shed house. Dave lived in it for a while before we got married.

We'll use the shed for our living and kitchen space, and the caravan will become our new bedroom.

We could have chosen to find somewhere else to rent, but it would be hard for us to save much more than we have been until I go back to work. This way we only to contribute towards gas, electricity and water. No rent, no insurance.

We can start to really make some good progress towards buying our own house in a year.

It's a little adventure for us. Sacrifice now, to benefit later.

And if it sucks we can always find another rental!!

Let the packing begin!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Today I Almost Shoplifted

Yep, almost became a crim today.

I totally didn't mean to. It just happened. I had no intention of doing this deed when I left the house at 2:36pm.

I had to grab a few things at the supermarket. Bananas, tuna, some rice. As I was walking down the aisle with the instant rice, I noticed the lactose free milk we use was on sale. Great. I grabbed a few and popped them in the basket underneath the pram.

Because I had only planned on getting a few things I had just put the rice, bananas and tuna on top of the pram sunshade. So the milk was the only thing in the basket.

I then bought some weet-bix because the weather has gotten cold and wintery and I love warm weet-bix with honey.

Then as I was going through the self serve checkout, the lady next to me almost shoplifted some burger buns (unintentionally) and while I was being nosey and watching the supermarket lady help her put the buns through the checkout, I noticed her change ($20) hanging out of the machine. Being nice I alerted her to this fact, and then finished paying for my things.

I picked up my groceries and started to walk off.

And then I had that moment. The moment you know something isn't right.

"I put milk in the basket" I thought to myself.

I looked down.

Sure enough, milk. In the basket.

I quickly turned around, acted like I hadn't done anything weird or wrong, like shoplifting, and paid for the milk.

Now I'm eating fruit loops.

The End.

Monday, April 15, 2013

It Was a Good Sunday

First we skipped church. gasp!

Then I went to the supermarket. by. my. self. You know your a mother when you classify doing the grocery shopping alone as "me time."

I had a whole hour to myself, the first time since Hugo was born. I missed him, and shopped really quickly, way quicker than normal, and only bought what was on the list. Maybe I should shop like that more often.

Then, Hugo has finally mastered the back to tummy roll. He has been toying with this skill for a month or so, but today he took it up a notch. I even got video footage of it, finally.

We brought Dr. Pepper. Actually that was on Saturday, but it deserves a mention. Also on Saturday I tried on a lions head hat. It didn't fit. Bummer.

I took a photo of my son crying today, before consoling him. He is just so cute no matter what he's doing.

The smallest and cutest member of our family has of late stopped falling asleep during his last feed at night. He has decided that it is much more fun to pop wide open his eyes the second I put him down in bed, and then wriggle around for 20 minutes before finally conceding defeat.

And while I'm on the subject of boobs, I have realised they are my secret burping weapon. They are perfectly placed to get the last air bubbles out when I place Hugo up to my shoulder. Which I feel kind of makes sense, that they should be such effective burpers, considering they are a large contributing factor to him getting wind in the first place.

On that lovely last note I will sign off.

You are welcome for the randomness.