Tuesday, December 3, 2013

One Year!

A little snapshot of Hugo at 12 months.
Sits on the floor and throws a small ball back and forth with us.
Has finally slept in his cot a few times for day sleeps and a couple of nights now too (not the whole night, but has started the night there)
Has finally started to crawl properly. He was doing the army crawl for such a long time, but the day before his birthday he had a chiro appointment and after that seemed to just free him up and that afternoon he started to crawl correctly. He hasn't stopped since! The first time he crawled properly was because he was in just a nappy on a warm day and he didn't like the feel of the carpet on his stomach as he was sliding around in his usual style. The best bit was we caught it on camera!
His seventh tooth came through on the 10th of October.
He loves pizza crusts! he shoves whole big chunks in his mouth and then struggles to chew properly.
Claps his hands
Is saying a few words: dada, mum, pup, nana, pa and tries to copy other words too. he can also say "woof" when you ask what a puppy says. He has also gotten pretty close to saying lari.

How quickly a year can go. Its hard to believe that this time last year we were bringing home a tiny bundle of joy. Now he's a big bundle of energy!

We love you Hugo. This year has been amazing, incredible and unforgettable, all because of you.

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