Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Zoe's First Beach Day

We finally made it to the beach yesterday for the first time this summer, although technically it's no longer summer! We have had a fairly cool summer this year, but at last everything aligned for us to get to Torquay with Aunty Lari for Zoe's first beach day. I think she enjoyed it. I know Hugo did!

Zoe at Two Months

Well, miss Zoe's development is coming along much swifter than we could have imagined. She rolled over from her tummy to her back for the first time on the 12th, and naturally we just thought she had done it accidentally except that she did it for a second time. And then twice more this month. She has also started to deliberately swat at hanging toys, the first being the taggy toy hanging on her pram (21st Mar). She also seems to really love tummy time when I put her on the floor in Hugo's room in front of the mirrored cupboard doors.

She is very chatty, a typical girl according to her grandpa, and still very chatty and noisy. Much noisier than I remember her brother being.

Speaking of him, she adores her big brother. She loves to watch him, and follows the sound of his voice around the room, and has big smiles for him.

The differences in her personality to Hugo's at a similar age is very apparent. She feeds so differently too. She already only takes one side most feeds, which worried me a little at first, and gets cranky when I offer the other side and she doesn't want more. She doesn't seem to like to comfort feed, but likes a dummy. She also feeds super fast. Like 10 minutes fast.

We survived Zoe's first immunisations, and also her first beach day.

We also seem to have really found our groove for the three of us at home every day. We do our activities and errands in the mornings and then head home for lunch and naps and quiet afternoons.

And that was two months!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Homemade Playdough

We made our first homemade batch of playdough today. I think we have a new favourite activity!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

What Mornings Look Like These Days

A little peek into what our mornings look like around here at the moment. Breakfast on the bench (hot cross buns at this time of year!), shoes in the middle of the floor, toys strewn on the couch from yesterday, Hugo's half eaten weetbix and cup of tea, a sleeping baby girl, Dave's floor bed in Hugo's room, and the washing machine running. Life currently on a slow Saturday morning. 

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Zoe at One Month

Miss Zoe has been with us for one whole month now, and I cannot believe how quickly time seems to disappear the second time around. Daddy has gone back to work now after three weeks off and the three of us left at home together are slowly finding our feet and figuring out our new rhythms. We have even managed to get to playgroup a couple of times, so, winning!

Our little girl is such a joy. She is giving us big smiles already, giggles in her sleep, and is always up for a late night chat (she coos and gaa's at me when we're up together for her overnight feedings.)

It's amazing how second time around overnight feedings take on a whole new perspective. Knowing how this occurs for such a short amount of time means I don't mind at all how alert she is, even at 4am. I just sit there and drink her in, smile down and coo right back to her, trying to not to wake daddy of course.

Hopefully we'll still be having late nigh chats when she's a teenager!

We love our beautiful girl.