Sunday, March 1, 2015

Zoe at One Month

Miss Zoe has been with us for one whole month now, and I cannot believe how quickly time seems to disappear the second time around. Daddy has gone back to work now after three weeks off and the three of us left at home together are slowly finding our feet and figuring out our new rhythms. We have even managed to get to playgroup a couple of times, so, winning!

Our little girl is such a joy. She is giving us big smiles already, giggles in her sleep, and is always up for a late night chat (she coos and gaa's at me when we're up together for her overnight feedings.)

It's amazing how second time around overnight feedings take on a whole new perspective. Knowing how this occurs for such a short amount of time means I don't mind at all how alert she is, even at 4am. I just sit there and drink her in, smile down and coo right back to her, trying to not to wake daddy of course.

Hopefully we'll still be having late nigh chats when she's a teenager!

We love our beautiful girl.

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