Sunday, September 29, 2013

Ten Months

I'm getting more and more behind with getting these posts up. This fella is closer to 11 months than he is ten, but here goes anyway!

He lifts the flaps in picture books now.
Has two books that he know really well - 'Spot Visits the Farm' seems to be the clear favourite, and he gets excited every time we turn the page to the cranky goose and squeals with excitement.
Loves to feed himself we have discovered. Anything shaped like a chip that he can grip, he will happily much away on. So glad we finally figured this out!! He also prefers to eat what we eat so we have been giving hims spaghetti, chicken, weet-bix. Whatever we have going on, he wants in on!
He started to army crawl on the 28th using one arm. My phone has been great incentive to get him scooting along.
Up until then he had been spinning around in circles on him tummy to get to where he wanted to go and to toys he wanted.

Just a short one this time, but we cannot believe how quickly he is growing and how close to one year old he is! Slow down time!!

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