Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Today I Almost Shoplifted

Yep, almost became a crim today.

I totally didn't mean to. It just happened. I had no intention of doing this deed when I left the house at 2:36pm.

I had to grab a few things at the supermarket. Bananas, tuna, some rice. As I was walking down the aisle with the instant rice, I noticed the lactose free milk we use was on sale. Great. I grabbed a few and popped them in the basket underneath the pram.

Because I had only planned on getting a few things I had just put the rice, bananas and tuna on top of the pram sunshade. So the milk was the only thing in the basket.

I then bought some weet-bix because the weather has gotten cold and wintery and I love warm weet-bix with honey.

Then as I was going through the self serve checkout, the lady next to me almost shoplifted some burger buns (unintentionally) and while I was being nosey and watching the supermarket lady help her put the buns through the checkout, I noticed her change ($20) hanging out of the machine. Being nice I alerted her to this fact, and then finished paying for my things.

I picked up my groceries and started to walk off.

And then I had that moment. The moment you know something isn't right.

"I put milk in the basket" I thought to myself.

I looked down.

Sure enough, milk. In the basket.

I quickly turned around, acted like I hadn't done anything weird or wrong, like shoplifting, and paid for the milk.

Now I'm eating fruit loops.

The End.

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