Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Bush Easter

Reliving the sights, sounds and smells of my childhood felt like the best way to spend our first Easter with Hugo.

We spent good Friday at home with Lari and did our Good Friday tradition of finding the can shakers for the Good Friday Appeal to give our years worth of collected coins to.

Saturday morning we then drove to Belgrave Heights Convention where mum and dad were camping for the annual Easter Convention.

Every year until I was about 12, we would camp in our caravan up at the convention. Mum and dad have recently started camping again, so this year we decided to join them for just one night.

Our tent was set up for us when we arrived, on my aunt and uncles site, and we didn't have to pack it up when we left. That's the best kind of camping!

Hugo did amazingly well. Slept better than he had at home for a couple of weeks.

I loved getting to celebrate our first Easter with Hugo, smelling the pines and the camp fires, enjoying the cool air, listening to some good teaching during the sessions, watching Hugo get loved on by Aunty Deli, Uncle Graeme, and their four boys. It really was the most perfect Easter for a long time.

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