Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Five Months

Five months old. Wow.

I say that every month, but each month it's true. I can't believe that five months has past since I first saw your little face and held you in my arms.

You grow and change every day, my Hugo bear. Your hair is getting longer, and you still have half a dozen of your original hairs that stick up way above the rest. I can't bring myself to trim them down.

You have been rolling over. Not alot, and not every day but you have been doing it from your front to your back, and from your back onto your tummy. Your preferred way of lying though, is half on your tummy half on your back, all twisted around on the strangest angle.

You had your first beach trip, your first camping trip and your first Easter.

You love it when we read books together, and Spot books seem to be a favourite. We lie on our bed and as soon as I open the first page your break out into a huge gummy grin. As I read you often reach our a little hand and place it on my shoulder. That might be my favourite part of reading together.

You still fit into a lot of 00 clothing but just yesterday I put you in a 0 onesie as we were out of clean/dry 00. It was a little big, but it won't be long until you do fit it.

I haven't given you any food yet, as I feel like when I do you won't be my little baby anymore. You will seem a little more grown up and I'm not ready for that. You also haven't appeared to be that interested in food when we eat, but just in the last day or two you seem to have taken notice of us when we eat.

We think you might have teeth on the way. You have been drooling a lot and have been getting red cheeks.

Each day you become more and more interactive and there are times when it seems like you are really trying to communicate and tell us something but you haven't got the words yet to tell us.

You are laughing a lot more now, and Daddy is the one who can get the most out of you. You laugh whenever he says "Dada." You must think he's so funny!

We are so proud of our boy, and fall a little more in love with him every day.


  1. He's adorable! I love keeping up through your blog! Much love from Memphis!