Monday, April 15, 2013

It Was a Good Sunday

First we skipped church. gasp!

Then I went to the supermarket. by. my. self. You know your a mother when you classify doing the grocery shopping alone as "me time."

I had a whole hour to myself, the first time since Hugo was born. I missed him, and shopped really quickly, way quicker than normal, and only bought what was on the list. Maybe I should shop like that more often.

Then, Hugo has finally mastered the back to tummy roll. He has been toying with this skill for a month or so, but today he took it up a notch. I even got video footage of it, finally.

We brought Dr. Pepper. Actually that was on Saturday, but it deserves a mention. Also on Saturday I tried on a lions head hat. It didn't fit. Bummer.

I took a photo of my son crying today, before consoling him. He is just so cute no matter what he's doing.

The smallest and cutest member of our family has of late stopped falling asleep during his last feed at night. He has decided that it is much more fun to pop wide open his eyes the second I put him down in bed, and then wriggle around for 20 minutes before finally conceding defeat.

And while I'm on the subject of boobs, I have realised they are my secret burping weapon. They are perfectly placed to get the last air bubbles out when I place Hugo up to my shoulder. Which I feel kind of makes sense, that they should be such effective burpers, considering they are a large contributing factor to him getting wind in the first place.

On that lovely last note I will sign off.

You are welcome for the randomness.

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