Monday, April 29, 2013

Shipping Container Home Storage

Have you ever seen a bunch of shipping containers converted into houses? Seriously so cool. And totally considering doing it one day.
Last week we purchased a shipping container in which to store all our stuff that won't be living with us in the shed.
Its 40 foot of shipping container. When Dave said he wanted to get that size I was all like, that's fine, whatever. I knew it would be large.
Man, that things is HUGE. Like two cars long, huge. Like you could live in it huge, and turn it into a house huge. well, with several other ones you could.
Hugo and I had to go out to the brother in laws place to show the delivery guy where to put the container. This was a very important job. Ain't no way that thing would be moved if we got it wrong.
So Hugo and I trundled out to visit our new home and
1. make sure the container was put in the right spot and
2. make sure the guy didn't drive the truck over the area where the septic is otherwise he would get bogged. And while I have a 4 wheel drive it would not be pulling out a stuck truck.
So some pictures of our new abode and our gigantic storage unit.

See that nice house on the left. that's where we won't be living. We are in the shed way over in the back. Picture on the right is our new home!
Waiting for the container to arrive. Hugo overseeing the work.

Now, back to my packing so we can start filling this baby up!

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