Monday, May 6, 2013


(I actually wrote this post nearly a week ago and am just now getting around to posting it)
I'm sitting in bed at 1:15 in the afternoon typing this post on my phone.


A. Because my computer got a crazy bunch of viruses on it yesterday (I opened what I thought was a YouTube video. It wasn't. Hello trojan and friends) and

B. because I have a sick little buddy asleep on me.

He's not too sick, just a little cold, but sleeping lying on his back is making breathing a little hard so he is in my arms. I like it. I'm savouring it.

Although I am a little hungry.

Oh, baby's first illness. I am so grateful that this is all we have to contend with, a runny nose and a little cough.

He has sat in the bathroom with me while I had a ridiculously hot shower with eucalyptus oil poured in the bottom. We steamed up the room good. He can have another one with daddy tonight. I bought a humidifier and that's been running since we got home from the chemist with some essential oils in it too.

Even if it's not helping Hugo's nose mine is certainly feeling very clear today!

We're off to the chiro soon too which, when I tried to cancel he appointment, they told me can help free up the immune system, so hopefully that will help heal my little wonder boy too.

(Today, 6/5. Still a house full of sickies. Still no computer for me. hopefully we can all kick this thing this week!)

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