Saturday, June 29, 2013

Seven Months

Seven months came and went in a bit of a blurr (obviously. this is being posted nearly a month late!) We moved house and Hugo was such a trooper through all the packing and disruption to his life.

His second tooth made it's appearance about two weeks after the first, and it really didn't seem to give him much trouble on its way through.

He's also been giving his high chairs a workout. We've used the one at nana and grandpa's (my mum and dad) house a bit, but we were given a second one that we have used when we went to Phillip Island and is great for travel.

Hugo also had his first taste of solid food finally!!! With the move it was just easier to hold off on introducing something else new until we were a little more settled. Some organic pumpkin was first on the menu. A very small amount went down, accompanied by some hilarious faces.

Seven months has been fun. Still loves the Postman Pat theme song. I can always get a smile out of him when I sing it. In fact the day I finished cleaning the kitchen at our old house I had it on repeat to keep him happy while he sat in his pram.

His hands have suddenly become utterly captivating to him. He studies them, and turns them this way and that, moving his fingers in and out like he's waving. (we actually have this on video and he repeatedly waved at James Whitehand after church one Sunday as we said goodbye!)

This month went by so fast, and our boy was so good with all the upheaval that was going on in his life.

We are so blessed to have this gift of Hugo!

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