Monday, July 12, 2010

A wedding, high tea and back to work

This weekend signaled the end of my mid year holidays and so I decided to fit several weeks worth of activities into two days! This past Tuesday was my mother in laws 60th birthday. Since she has only sons, us daughter in laws decided to do a fittingly female thing to commemorate on Saturday - high tea! We headded right into Melbourne to the National Gallery of Victoria and "The Tea Room" for a fabulous spread of cakes, pastries, sandwiches, scones and preserves, and of course tea or coffee. So yummy!! The high tea was followed by shopping, however I had to drive home in time for a 3 o'clock wedding! Way to overbook my Saturday!

The wedding and reception were held at a gorgeous reception place not far from our house, which came in handy after I ran into heaps of traffic on the way home and only had 30 minutes to get ready in!! Luckily I had already picked out the dress I was going to wear! :) The groom at the wedding was one of Dave's closest friends from highschool, so I didn't know anyone there, but they had really thought out the seating arrangements for their guests. They had placed us next to the only other Christian couple there, and we had a great night. They were a young couple at a really similar life stage as we are and we had a fabulous time chatting away with them...I'm even considering facebook stalking them! :)

Sunday after church I went furniture shopping with one of my sister in laws and her three children. We found some incredible dining tables that are just like massive hulks of wood. Kim wants a table that she can fit 12 people around, but I seriously think she is going to need a crane to lift the table into her house!!

Today was my first day of work the this semester. All the kids were back today too. I have to admit that I was (really) not looking forward to going back because I found the end of last semester really hard going emotionally. The students I work with have special needs that range from Autism and ADHD to learning disabilities and several other things. So even though I was fairly aprehensive (read emotional meltdown) last night I have to admit that today was a pretty good day. I know that in a few weeks though I will be getting tired and not njoying things again. I spent alot of today just praying over and over to God "please be with me, please be with me." And He really was!

Happy Monday!
Sharen xx

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