Thursday, February 23, 2012


I posted, about a week ago, a video of Brene Brown talking about vulnerability. I downloaded a copy of the transcript and have been reading through it and highlighting all sorts of goodies in it and I wanted to share some of my thoughts on it here.

"connection is why we're here. it's what gives purpose and meaning to our lives... what we know is that connection, the ability to feel connected - neurobiologically that's how we're wired - it's why we're here."

This is not a Christian speaker at a Christian conference. Nope, Brene is a research professor, talking about secular research she has done and the thing she discovered when undertaking it.

The talk highlighted for me, how much the human race searches out relationship. And if we don't have healthy relationships we will seek out unhealthy ones that we think will meet our needs.

Of course as a Christian I understand that the only relationship, the only connection that will ever completely fulfil me and my every need is the relationship and connection I find in God through Jesus Christ.

But even in knowing this, I still have times where I place unrealistic expectations on Dave, my family, my friends to meet needs that are never theirs to fulfil.

My real purpose, the real meaning in my life comes through only one relationship - the one I have with my Heavenly Father. All my other relationships (and the health of them) come out of that first relationship and the security and worth that I find there. If I am not deeply rooted in my connection with God, I can never have deep and lasting friendships with others. Those relationships and connections are too dependant on the health I have within. If I don't know who I am in God, I will never find who I am in other relationships.

God is the provider of my heart health. I will only function healthily elsewhere in my life I am taking care of that connection first. After all, I am wired for relationship with Him.

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