Monday, March 5, 2012

Random Nothings

It's been a week since I last posted and many people would have something good to talk about after all that time. I don't.

Well, nothing that I can share just right now. Soon though.

So since I have nothing of any use to say, I will share all sorts of useless information.

Victorian weather is weird. We finally got summer last weekend and it was so stinking hot you couldn't even go to the beach, unless you like the idea of being cooked like a rotisserie chicken. I do not. This weekend, however, we had the heater going on Saturday morning, and parts of Victoria are flooded.

We got a new couch. It's nice. And clean. Our old one (that we were given for free when we got married) was so dusty that when you sat down dust particles puffed out and proceeded to fill the atmosphere around you. Dust free = good.

I am addicted to Shapes Aussie BBQ flavoured biscuits at the moment. I refuse to say how many boxes I have eaten in the last week.

Sometimes I really hate having to think of things to have for dinner. And then make it. It's in those moments that I wish that take away food cost the same here as it does in America.

Speaking of America, Dave and I are thinking about heading over the Pacific again this year. We haven't fully decided yet, because we need to confirm whether we are crazy to go again so soon or not. We are aware we are crazy, but we need to decide if this trip is crazy. Just felt the need to clarify that.


This was the sky tonight at Kmart

I love a good sunset and the fading light reflected in these clouds was too gorgeous not to take a photo!

Have a great week!

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