Saturday, February 9, 2013

Three Months

Our little Hugo is three months already!!! I almost can't believe that he has been with us for that long, but it also seems like he always was here. Crazy how that happens.

Our little boy is just the highlight of our life these days. He just keeps growing and growing. 6.5kgs already and he is in the 90th percentile for both his height and his head size (hehehe).

He's been giving us about 7-8 hours sleep a night for weeks now (except for this week, where he has been waking at around 4am wanting a quick feed. I'm thinking growth spurt).

He is starting to no longer fit into his 000 clothing and has been in a couple of 00 PJ's for the last two weeks. I don't know if I can handle boxing up the little clothes just yet. It was bad enough doing the 0000 things!

He has become so much fun in the last few weeks. He is super chatty most of the day and gives the best gummy smiles. He loves to be on his play mat and swat at all the toys dangling from it. He especially loves a little lion that has a bell attached to it that jingles every time he hits it. He also will hit it when you ask him where his lion is - such a clever boy!

He has also begun to like tummy time a lot more and will stay there for up to half an hour now.

While part of me hates how quickly he is growing and would just like to freeze time, I love watching him grow and change and start to interact with his little world. Each day is a new adventure with him and I am beyond blessed to call him mine!

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  1. Enjoy every moment with that sweet baby!!! It goes so fast! I cried putting away our tiny baby clothing today :( Seriously, you blink, and they are walking and climbing on tables. ;)

    Glad i found your happy little blog!