Thursday, February 20, 2014

Best Sick Day Ever

We have all had gastro and/or head colds since Friday last week. By Tuesday we were sick of the house and needed a change of scenery.
We piled into the car and decided to go for a drive out to where our block of land is to see if we can drive on our street yet. We couldn't, but Hugo fell asleep in his car seat so I found myself turning the car towards Barwon Heads on a whim.
Dave and I sat in the front and talked about life and dreams and the most perfect weather while we drove around Barwon Heads and Ocean Grove, taking the in the ocean views as we did.
Once Hugo stirred we stopped at the park right on the beach at Barwon Heads and spent the next half hour getting the best medicine there is.
Hugo went back and forth on the swing, saying "tweet, tweet" and pointing at every seagull that he saw, while Dave and I took turns pushing him.
We sank our feet in the warm sand, basked in the perfect 26 degree sunshine, marveled at the big, blue sky, breathed deeply of the sea breeze and even dipped our toes in the waters edge. (Hugo would have dived right in if he could have had his way, but we didnt go prepared for swimming)
It was, quite simply, the best sick day ever.

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