Saturday, April 26, 2014

Puffing Billy on Easter Saturday

On Saturday afternoon we decided to go for a drive to try and Hugo to have a sleep, it was getting pretty late in the day and he'd been so good all afternoon, but was starting to get a little cranky. We had no destination in mind, but a quick google map search told us that Puffing Billy was only 8 minutes away. We got there in time to see an engine being moved about, and while we were watching from the platform one of the conductors came and let us know that the train would be arriving in 5 minutes. Well, despite Hugo not having had a sleep yet, that was too good to miss. He was so excited watching it come around the bend, but wasn't so sure once it pulled into the station. He clung to us as the steam whooshed and all the tourists hopped off, but he did like waving as it pulled in!

We didn't even pay for a ride on the train, yet we made a lovely memory together. Its such a great reminder that simple things, free things, can bring great joy, and not just to the kids. It was so fun to watch the wonder on his little face as he saw something in real life he'd only seen in books and on TV.

Well, Hugo never did get that sleep, but it was so worth it. He really did enjoy it, and he loves looking at all the photos and did not stop saying "toot, toot" the whole drive back to the campsite. (Or every time he sees these photos!)

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