Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I turned 25 on Saturday!! Wow 25. I didn't think I would feel any different, because I haven't felt any older the last few birthdays, but I kind of do. I feel a little closer to 30 than 20 older - where is my life going!?


My incredible husband let me not only have a birthday this year, but a whole birthweekend!? (my new made up word just doesn't sound right! hehe!)

He drove me all around Victoria on Saturday. We started the morning by heading off to Daylesford. It was a really pretty drive and we went in Dave's baby...the Corvette! Very comfy cruising! Once we got to Daylesford we had a wander around some of the shops. It was freezing!

We found the most adorable shop tucked just off the main street. Lark. This cute little shop sells all sorts of gorgeous handmade items and other fun goodies!

You can also find them on their website
We had a massive lunch at the pub. I went for the classic parmi and didn't even eat half of it!
After lunch we drove a little out of Daylesford to the well known spot Hepburn Springs. Hepburn Springs is at the centre of Australia's largest concentration of mineral springs and is a popular holiday destination. It is incredibly beautiful here and I have tons of memories from my childhood here. My great grandparents built a house just above the Hepburn Springs Regional Park and my family spent many weekends here with my cousins when we were growing up. We went and had a look at the house. the last time I had seen it was about 15 years ago when my grandparents sold the house. We took a couple of photos but the front hedge was really over grown and the poor house hasn't really been looked after - look at the colour! I did get a shot of down the side of the house though.

We went down to the park and I made Dave taste some of the different mineral waters there...he didn't really enjoy the taste - I think it's an acquired one! Actually I was surprised that i still liked the taste! Real mineral water has a very unusual taste.

The park was pretty much how I remembered it from my childhood! It's soo beautiful.

After Hepburn Dave drove us over to Kyneton, just so I could get a vanilla slice, they are my favourite from the bakery there! How sweet is my hubby, he drove 30 minutes out of our way just so I could eat a tasty desert...aahh swoon!
Then on Sunday, my actual birthday, he arranged for a whole lot of our friends to have a BBQ lunch over at my parent's house. He manned the BBQ for the afternoon and had organised all the food. I am too blessed!
He also spoiled me with a whole lot of gifts, including a few books that I can't wait to get stuck into!
In fact I might go do that now!

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