Sunday, September 5, 2010

My Daddy

Happy Fathers day to my daddy!!

My dad is everything that you could possibly want in a father and then some! He has always been my greatest encourager, my biggest fan. He has loved me unconditionally, even when I have been unlovable. He has always told me that I could do anything I want - even when I didn't believe him. He has always supported me in everything, and when my choices haven't been the best ones he simply prayed for me faithfully. My dad is one of the greatest examples of what a dad should be, and because of him I have always had an amazing example of what my heavenly Father is like.

Because of my dad I have an amazing husband. I always wanted to marry someone like my dad and I have!
Because of my dad I am where I am today, in a relationship with God, attending church and have a wonderful life.
Because of my dad I am who I am today.

I am so incredibly blessed to have the earthly father that I do, I can't fully put into words how I feel.

I love you daddy, you are one of the greatest gifts I have ever received.

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