Sunday, September 19, 2010

Spring break

Yep, it's the holidays again!!!! I do love my holidays, but once again I have been sitting down and making my list of things to do on my two weeks break. My list includes thing like cleaning, de-cluttering, going through cupboards, taking things to the repairman's.

Don't worry, I also have a list of movies I want to watch and books I want to read which would require about 3 months of holidays to get through!

I'm also hoping to get some of my Christmas shopping done, and I'm getting a massage on Tuesday because my shoulders and neck are so tight it's not funny!!

We have just had a normal week here at the Timberlake house.

Wednesday was back to being a busy night. I have my singing lesson at 6pm and then I had to rush home, make dinner, eat it and be out the door for our life group at 7:30! As per usual we were late! We had an interesting discussion on politics, and how/where Christianity fits in Australia’s parliamentary system. For the most part our group seemed to agree, which meant there were no political arguments, just some great discussion!!
We love our group. We have been meeting together once a fortnight for years now and while we have added to our group it has always remained a really safe and welcoming environment to share ideas, our personal growth, to ask for prayer. We are quite a close group of friends now, and we celebrate birthdays together, and today it was our group’s first baby dedication!!! Little Oliver is our first life group baby which is quite exciting! He is gorgeous, and it was such a beautiful little ceremony, and Penny read a gorgeous poem that she had written for her little boy, I teared up a little! I can't wait for one of my own!
Thursday we had dinner at my parents place which we try to do every second Thursday night, or at least every week that Dave and I don’t have Church music practice.

Our weekend was pretty quite, which is how we like them! Dave hasn't been feeling well so we took it pretty easy. I did have my first attempt at making taquitos and they turned out really well - not quite as good as Mexican Graffiti, but still really yum!

I think I'm going to get back to my holiday planning, and make sure I schedule in plenty of time for reading my Bible and spending time with God - I really feel that I need to just be refreshed and renewed over the next few weeks so that I can make it through the last term of the year. I found this term to be incredibly draining emotionally and I want to go into the last one for this year knowing that I am getting my strength from God and not trying to push though in my own.

Have a lovey week!

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