Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Random thoughts

I'm sitting in my newly designated "Sharen space" in one of our spare bedrooms. On Saturday I had the urge to reorganise our spare rooms, mostly so I could make space for my craft stuff to be set up on a table not in a room that our guests see, and not in a room where my mess will drive my husband crazy!

I have a candle burning next to me - Christmas tree scent. I actually had to blow it out before because I have never trimmed the wick on it and black smoke was billowing up from the flame. It now actually smells like it should.

I have had a huge cup of tea (which was so large I have had to pee several times in the last 2 hours! Sorry for those who felt that too much information), and have been reading some new blogs I have come across in the last week.

They are encouraging blogs, blogs by women who have strong faith, but are real. I like that.

I had a phone call from my husband earlier where he suggested we go out for dinner. I not so kindly said I was too tired. Even though a week ago I told him I wanted us to have more "dates" together.

I have been so tired lately that the only time I actually feel like I'm awake and functioning as normal is from about 11:30am-2:30pm during the day.

I have been getting short with my students at work and frustrated with co-workers.

My house is in a constant state of mess and disorganisation, with dirty dishes left lying in a number of rooms.

As I have been sitting in my craft room, I can't help but think that this is not how God would have me be.

So now I'm thinking about how I got so tired. If I'm honest it's because I feel like I'm doing it all alone.

Which is a scary revelation because it means I'm leaving God out. And I don't mean to, I didn't plan to carry it all alone. I didn't plan on spending my spare time watching TV and on the computer, I just sort of did, because it's easy, I don't have to think too much or make an effort.

And sometimes having a rerelationship with God is and effort. But aren't all relationships, including the one with my husband?

Yep! So starting right now, I'm going to call Dave and tell him were going out for dinner.

And while I wait for him to get home I'm going to close my computer and open my Bible.


p.s. If anyone reads this post, it would be really cool  - if you want to - if you let me know your favourite Bible verse!

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