Monday, December 13, 2010

2 Years

Two years ago today I walked with my dad down a very long aisle to a beautiful song by Lifehouse. Waiting for me at the end was the man of my dreams.

I can't believe how quickly two years has gone by. Before we know it we will have reached five years, and then ten! Time moves on so quickly.

I can honestly say that these last two years have been the most fun, and most wonderful years of my life.

That Saturday afternoon two years ago I though I couldn't love Dave anymore than I did right at that moment, but I was wrong. Two years of married life has made me love him even more, despite disagreements, and toilet seats being left up! (just kidding, he actually never leaves it up...what a man!)

I am blessed beyond words to have a husband that will do the cooking when I can't be bothered, will do the dishes when they pile up, who will rummage through both our recycling and garbage bins when I think I have thrown out an envelope full of cash (turned out I hadn't!) and I am in such a panic I can't think straight.

I am blessed beyond words to have a husband who constantly encourages me, who makes me laugh, who I know is by my side always and who always has the sweetest things to say to me and about me.

Happy anniversary Dave! I am thankful everyday that God would bless me with you.

I love you!

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