Sunday, December 5, 2010

U2 360 Concert and Bendigo Weekend

I will start with the most exciting part of this blog post.

Friday night Dave & I went to the U2 360 concert in Melbourne!! Oh my....possibly the best $40 we have each spent this year!!

We only got our tickets at the last minute because I thought that they had sold out. Turned out I was looking at the wrong ticket agents website!

So Thursday morning I was online trying to get a hold of tickets. As it worked out we got pretty good seats!
That shot isn't even zoomed in!

I will admit that this was my first ever concert! Yep, never been before, and I have to say you can't get much better that U2 for your first concert!

Great night! Except for the usual hour drive home becoming a three hour drive home with all the concert traffic!! But who cares....U2!

Last weekend we went away for a much needed break for the weekend. We hired a house in Bendigo and just got away for the weekend. We left our messy house behind and our regular busy lives and just went somewhere else.

The house we stayed at is owned by a missionary couple who work with an Aboriginal community in the Northern Territory. They are only home for two months of the year and so for the rest of the year they rent out their home for others to use. They charge hardly anything to stay there and they do it to bless others!

The kitchen and living area

Outside BBQ area...that didn't get used!

It rained the whole weekend, but we went out around town and shopped a little and had a meal, and then spent the rest of the time doing nothing. It was bliss!

The town has heaps of beautiful old buildings like this one

Where we had lunch

And I just had to throw these pictures in. Victoria has been in drought for a long time now, but this last month we have had an unusual amount of rain. These are some of the former dried creek beds we passed on the way home!

Crazy huh!!


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