Friday, April 8, 2011

Comforted by His Presence

I was reading Kelle Hampton’s blog this morning and she had written this:

“Nella's teething is far more challenging than Lainey's was, and my contented girl has lately been slung to my hip, biting her fingers and clearly upset. The night routine's been a beast--up three to four times--and I am consequently exhausted. But it's a rite of passage, eh? At times it is, yes, frustrating; but still amazing that I have what she needs--that my child's greatest distress is comforted simply by my presence.”

My immediate thought was that this is what God thinks towards us. He has everything we need and He is always ready to comfort us.

I so want my heart to be in a place where my distress is comforted simply by God’s presence. Not by chocolate, or other people, or shopping. Just by Him alone.

And not just in my distress. I want to feel whole, beautiful, at peace, joyful, alive, simply because of His presence.

His presence is all we need. It is what we will have for eternity. We will be in His presence and I want to live my life in that place here and now. I don’t want to wait until I can see Him face to face, and I don’t have to.

He has graciously given us His Spirit, His Presence to dwell within us. My greatest distress can be comforted by His presence, but my greatest joys can be even more alive in His presence. I become more beautiful in His presence. I can find rest and peace in His presence.

We are just two weeks away from the day that commemorates Jesus Christ’s sacrifice, from the day that where He sacrificed all so we could be restored to God’s presence.

He has what we need, and so much more. He longs for us to want His presence. He is ready to comfort us with His presence. As a parent longs to be a source of comfort to their distressed child, so too does God long to be the source of comfort to his children.

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