Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Good Friday Appeal

For the last few years on Good Friday, Dave, Larissa and I, and whoever else we take along with us, drive around looking for can shakers at the traffic lights. It has become a tradition for us to donate to the Royal Children's Hospital Good Friday Appeal.

The Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne does an amazing job of taking care of children - not only children from Victoria and Australia, but around the world.

My parents put change in a tin can throughout the year, and Dave and I contribute also, we count it up - see if we can beat the previous years total - and then drive around looking for people to hand it over to.

Last year we came across a lovely young woman who we spent a little time chatting with as we loaded the collection tins with all the change. She was so excited about all the change we were handing over!

This year we headed to the same traffic lights we saw her at, knowing that there would be collectors there again, and who should be the person that approached the car? Our lovely friend from last year!! She remembered us before we recognised her!

So we handed over a fair bit of our tinful of change to her, then we went off to find some other people to give to.

We took Huxley along with us, and man does that dog malt! The car was full of his fur! We went back to our new friend Victoria to give her the last of our change in the tin, and we stopped past the house to get some Easter eggs to take to her.

We love to do this each year - the hospital does an incredible job every day of the year for children and their families, it really seems the least we can do to donate a little change for a truly worthy cause.

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