Tuesday, June 21, 2011

USA Travel Update 4!

Eeek!!!! The days are just flying past at an alarming rate!

Our plane tickets arrived in the mail late last week!!! Woot!

We did our Visa Waiver on Wednesday.

I am paying a whole lot of our bills in advance today (and thus cleaning out our bank account! :))

All that is left to do is to pack!

And clean. A lot of cleaning so that the person who is looking after our house for us isn't completely grossed out by the condition of the carpet and bathroom sink!!

I have started packing - sort of. I am at least tossing things hap-hazardly into a suitcase when I think that I should take it. It's not organised packing yet, but it is a start.

and I now have only 3 full days left of work this term!!! Yipee. Even if we weren't hitting the road, I would still be excited!

I think we have added Florida to the trip itinerary too, so that's another state we will be seeing! We have been blessed with access to a holiday house in Destin Pointe, and from the pictures I have seen (thank-you google!) I cannot wait to get there. White beaches, turquoise water, warm sunshine.....bliss :) I'm actually sitting right in some sunshine that is streaming through my office window - can't wait to feel the sun directly on my skin instead of through 4 layers of winter clothing!!

Dave and I are so grateful that we can have this incredible holiday and time together. We are excited to visit old friends, and hopefully make lots of new friends on the journey.

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