Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Today was the first day of the term 3 holidays. I love that I only worked for 5 weeks this term!! We're having friends around on Saturday for the Grand Final, so this weeks plan is to get some cleaning done around here so that our friends still want to be our friends once they arrive at our house on Saturday!

Halfway through the morning though I got side tracked while I was hanging out some laundry when I noticed the resurgence of some serious weeds in the lawn.

A while back I went crazy one Saturday afternoon digging up all the weeds and prickles out of the grass. I was quite proud of myself. There had been some nasty suckers that took some hard work to pull out.

I thought I was done with them that day. I didn't expect them to pop back up.

Some of them don't go down very deep, their roots are shallow and I can dig them out easily. Others have big, deep roots that require much more effort for me to get rid of.

Then there are the ones with tendrils that shoot out in every direction and turn into a big tangled mess.

Anyone got any of those?

Sometimes we have to dig deep to rid ourselves of some of the stuff in our lives that hampers our growth. Some of the stuff that we carry goes down deep, has big thick roots in our hearts and has started to shoot out tendrils into other areas of our lives.

There are things in my own life that I have allowed to take root, and not just a little. Things I have allowed to settle in for many years, sins that I didn't deal with right away, and because of that I allowed them to take root.

Then there are times too when I think that I have dealt with it all, but then it unsuspectingly makes and appearance, and I have to do a little more weeding to get rid of it again. Sometimes I have to do a lot of weeding, and dig right down to get to the roots, and it isn't always pleasant.

But you know it's not so bad once you rip those suckers out. It means that something else will be able to flourish.

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