Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Way

I watched a video today put out by an adoption agency, and as usual cried my eyes out.
I realised something as I did. I cry because my heart breaks for these precious children of God. I cry because I believe it’s a burden that God has laid on my heart.
And I cry because I feel stuck.
I feel powerless.
Powerless to begin the adoption process. Powerless to be the change that I want to be. Powerless to be the family that a child so desperately wants and needs.
As much as these children are stuck and powerless in a country caught in the poverty cycle, I am stuck and powerless in a country whose government makes it nearly impossible for couples to adopt.  
And so I cry gut wrenching sobs when no one can see me because I wonder how God is going to make a way, because I don’t see a way.
I don’t see Australia’s laws changing anytime soon. I don’t see international adoption laws in Victoria changing. I don’t see a sign of hope that we might be able to adopt any time in the near future. I don’t see how God is going to make a way.
But as I typed these words, I realised that we are in the season leading up to celebrate that God has already made a way.
He has made the way.
And surely the God who would so humble Himself that He would take on our humanly form, be born in a stable, be raised by human parents, face and experience everything we do, all so that He could give His life in exchange for ours – surely that God can make a way.
Surely the God who has conquered sin and death can make a way for us in this.
Oh, but I wish I could have a peek at the future to see a little of how the story unfolds.
If like me, you aren’t in a position to give a child a home and family this Christmas, might you consider fighting for children in another way?
Sponsor a child or give gifts that target and fight poverty at the ground level, and will help a family stay together. Compassion and World Vision both have gift catalogues where you can find plenty of ideas.

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