Thursday, December 1, 2011

Summer Reading List 2011

With only two weeks left at work for this year (ahh, the perks of working at a private school!) I have started to think about all the reading time I am going to have for one of my favourite pursuits - reading. It will hopefully look a little something like this

or this

or this

Actually it probably won't look anything like that last picture. I'm pretty sure there won't be a hammock involved. I wish.

And of course with lots of reading time comes the need for lots of books! I'm putting an order in tonight to Book Depository for some new reading material to go along with the pile already at home just waiting to be opened.

I have a few that I will need to read in preparation for work next year. They are:

The ones on my personal list (in no particular order) are:

So there you are. My reading list for summer. Of course I'll either not get through this list, or I'll add others to it, and not read others.

Anyone out there got any suggestions for adding to the list?

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