Friday, January 25, 2013

This New Life

This new life I have, the one where 90% of my time is taken up by one tiny little boy, this new life that I love, is still taking a little getting used to.

Figuring out a new rhythm when my boy feeds every couple of hours during the day and doesn't sleep much has been challenging. We have to just take each day as it comes.

Thankfully he sleeps really well at night and for the last couple of days has been going from around 10:30-7am!!

But then his next sleep is totally unpredictable. Yesterday he slept for about an hour. Today he has been down for two, and is still going. Yesterday he had a sleep at around 2pm for 45 minutes, but most days he's lucky to sleep more than 20 or 30 minutes in one hit. And then from about 5pm onwards the only way he will sleep is while being held and usually after he has had a feed!!

I promise I'm not complaining. I'll take a good nights sleep over good day sleeps!

But I have found it challenging to get things done during the day around the house. I never know hoe long Hugo will sleep for, so starting bigger projects never seems to happen. I try to get little things done here and there, as well as have a little "me" time, and so some things just end up falling by the wayside.

Like making dinner. Poor Dave this week has had to go to the store and then cook dinner after having worked all day. And we have had some hot weather here, so he is already exhausted when he gets home.

I have found going to the supermarket to be kinda stressful on my own. I hate the thought of Hugo getting hungry while I have a trolley full of groceries, and no one there to help me. Thankfully my Mum was able to go with me yesterday and do a good stock up, so now I just have to cook up a few things and freeze them for the days where things don't go to plan. Not that I ever really have a plan these days!

This new life has very few plans, is still taking some getting used to, but is so very, very beautiful.

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  1. such a sweet little boy! i feel you. it is rough when over here too, my little one's sleeping patterns have been bouncing around and i am starting to feel exhausted!