Sunday, January 6, 2013

Two Months

Who knew two months could fly by so fast?!

This little boy brings us so much joy. Every day he becomes more and more interactive with us. For the last 3 or 4 weeks he has been smiling in response to us, and thinks that Mummy making fish lips is funny.

For the last two nights he has been having small giggling fits as he goes back to sleep after his feed at around four or five in the morning. Not just his little baby laugh but a real toddler chuckle. I have no idea what is so funny, but I love hearing it as I fall back to sleep.

He is starting to give us consistently longer sleeps at night. He usually sleeps from around 10:30/11pm through till around 4am. Sometimes he will go through till 5am, and he has even slept right through until 6am a couple of times!

And while this sweet boy of ours gives us great night time sleep, he still doesn't sleep well during the day. He requires a lot of rocking and movement, and some days the only place he will sleep is in my arms.

While I love having him in my arms, Hugo is now starting to get a little heavy for having long sleeps while being cradled. He passed the 5kg mark two weeks ago and he just keeps getting longer and longer. Loves his milk, does this boy!

It continues to amaze me how one tiny little human can so completely capture your heart, but that is exactly what Hugo has done to us. Life before him seems like a distant memory. Having time to myself also seems like a distant memory, but I really wouldn't have it any other way. My life at the moment completely revolves around Hugo and meeting his needs right now, and while it will be nice when he is able to do some things for himself, I'm not wishing away a second of this time with him.

I know one day I will ache to once again be gazing down on him while he feeds, to feel his baby soft skin on mine, to have have him nuzzle his tiny, soft head into my neck. I'll miss the milk drunk look he gets after a satisfying feed, the way it feels having him sleeping next to me, the sweet smell of the top of his head and his innocent gummy smiles.

If there was ever a reason to slow down each day and drink in the moments, he is it.

In fact, I think I'll go gaze at him while he sleeps right now!

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