Friday, May 1, 2015

Zoe at Three Months

Zoe does lots of rolling over now from her tummy to her back. Hugo was in hysterics one day, giggling uncontrollably when she would roll. He would then push her back on to her tummy just to watch it again! (24th/4)

Zoe had her first Easter in this last month which was also her first camping trip. She did so well. Hardly made any noise overnight when she woke up for feeds.

We also had church camp a couple of weeks after Easter in Anglesea where she did her best two nights of sleep yet. Six hours the first night and 5 1/2 the second! So proud. Aparently church camp and/or Anglesea agree with her because she has yet to repeat it!

On the 26th Zoe gave us her first real little laugh (the real, deep tummy giggle kind of laugh) while watching daddy and Hugo spinning around in the lounge room.

She has discovered that her fists can go in her mouth whenever she wants, and so she has taken advantage of that and sucks away any chance she gets.

She is such a happy little girl, well, other than during her fussy time in the evenings (at least her fussy time is between 6 and about 9, Hugo's was more like 7-11) We love her so much.

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