Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Labour Day Long Weekend

I am back at work today, following a lovely long weekend.

The weather couldn't have been better, so Dave and I spent quite a bit of time outside in an attempt to make our yard look less jungle-like! While I think we made a good start to it there are still some seriously over-grown shrubs in our yard!

One of my biggest reasons for wanting to get into the garden this weekend was because of the insane number of spiders we have had this year. They give me the serious creeps. I'm shuddering, just thinking about them.

On Saturday, following some of our gardening, we stopped over at the Lum's for what was going to be a brief visit, but we ended up staying for dinner, which is always a pleasure!

As we were walking out the door, Cheryl noticed a big wolf spider of the wall. Me, being very brave, went straight back inside, while the guys killed it.

Dave and I were only just down the road when Dave noticed we had a little traveller with us - another wolf spider! We freaked for a few seconds, and then realised it was on the outside of the car.

I however, was still not happy to have him riding with us, even if he was on the outside! It was the longest drive ever.

Dave managed to save the day (well, night!), but I checked every room of the house before I went to bed!

Sunday was a lovely lazy day. We had church in the morning, and had a quick bite to eat with friends. We then went home and fluffed around all afternoon and evening.

On Monday, we got stuck into the garden again. Dave really went to town on the two trees in the front yard and chopped off heaps of low hanging branches. We also uncovered our meter at the side of the house. I'm sure that the gas and electricity company haven't read our meter for at least 18 months!

Dave was feeling very hospitable, so we had a small group of friends over for a BBQ dinner and a lively game of "Spicy Farkel!"

Ben and Lydia put on a hilarious, if not completely random, little performance for us!

It was so nice to have an extra day off, and we were blessed with lovely weather! We thoroughly enjoyed it.

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