Monday, March 7, 2011

Sick and a new toy!!

This week started with me having two days off from work! Sunday night my throat started to have a bit of a tickle to it, but then Monday morning I woke up to no voice. I managed to croak out a messgae to my boss that I wouldn't be in for work, got myself to the doctors and then went back to bed!

I went back to work on Wednesday, but I had managed to share my germs with Dave and so he was then home sick Thursday and Friday!

We were both still not feeling great on Saturday, but I had seen an add on TV for a camera sale. We had been talking about getting a DSLR camera to take to America with us, so when I saw SALE, I knew we had to go shopping.

I spent a bit of time on the internet looking up a few camera places to see what kind of deal we could get, then we headed out to shop.

We went straight to Camera House, and they had a package deal going for the Nikon D3100, so we bought it!!

Our new baby:

We then spent a little time playing around with it, taking a few random photos, having no real idea what we were doing. (Actually, Dave had some idea. Me, not so much!)

Here are some of day one with Nik (Yep, I named our camera! Not a very creative name I will admit.)

The very first picture. Wow, right?!

Dave took this!

Day two with "Nik"

These are taken on the Geelong waterfront

Dave again!

Our Lunch

Can you tell we were excited?!

The cutest puppy around! He's a bit camera shy though.

Huxley is just so stinkin' cute!!

So, we are clearly novices. Heck, I spent half an hour reading the Pioneer Woman's posts about aperture, and I still have no idea what that really means!

We are, however, super excited to have a really good camera for America, and for when we have kids in the next few years.

hopefully we can have some really good photos soon.

Anyone know of some good tutorials on basic camera/photography jargon?


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