Thursday, May 12, 2011

USA Travel Update 2

Well, we are now (just) under 7 weeks from takeoff!!! Can you say "crazy?!"

We have now booked Anaheim, LA and Indianapolis accommodation. I couldn't believe the deal we got for four nights in Anaheim - bargain! And right across the road from Disneyland, literally a 2 minute walk! So excited - can you tell?!

I would like to book New Orleans, Chicago and Las Vegas before we go, especially while the Aussie dollar is doing so well against the USD.

I have started to lay out just a few things that we will be taking with us on the spare bed. Some things we are taking over for Danon and Chantelle, and a few little things that I think I might want/need over there.

I am dreaming of the summer we will get to experience soon. It has been so frosty here this last week. I have worn socks over my stockings, that are under my pants, to work this week! We just had confirmed last night that the Lum's will be house sitting while we are in Houston, and the house is amazing! It has the most incredible outdoor entertaining area and swimming pool. Need to keep working on my bikini body....pity about the chocolate cake I just ate...mmm mars bar cake...caramel sauce...

where was I?

Summer. Warm air, sunshine, swimming, cute dresses, shorts, sandals - bliss!

Dave has been looking at craigslist for a car for us to buy. He has found a couple in the last few days that are about what we're looking for, but it's so hard when we live in another country! Lucky for us Don will be there soon and can be our man on the ground!

I can't wait for the moment that we step out of LAX and are on our way to the first hotel!

7 weeks and counting!

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