Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 2 & 3: LA to Houston to Florida

After a quick breakfast this morning we packed our bags, said farewell to LA for the next 6 weeks and returned to LAX for our flight to Houston!

Our excitement grew once we were at the airport, but once we were in the air, Dave was soon questioning our decision to fly to Houston. We hit some pretty bad turbulence about 30 minutes out from Houston, Dave was pretty freaked out by it, but the little girl sitting in front of us just thought it was like being on a roller coaster!!

We arrived in Houston at about 5:30, got our bags from the carousel, in perfect time to be picked up at the doors by the Lum's and the O'Kelly's. Walking out of the airport doors we were hit with insane heat and humidity, the like we haven't felt for months. But we were soon in the air conditioned car catching up with friends we haven't seen ages!

Tex mex for dinner was followed by a late night of hanging out, and then an early start the next morning with Danon and Chantelle as we road tripped it to Florida!

The trip started out great, we were all in high spirits, but about 4 hours into it, I got really sick and we had to make heaps of extra stops for me! We also hit horrible traffic a number of times, so what was supposed to be an 9 hour trip turned into a 12 hour trip instead!!

But we finally arrived and this is what we were met with.

One of Chantelle's clients very generously allowed us to use their beach hose for the weekend...for free!! Amazing blessing.

Get ready sand, sun and surf, here I come!

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