Friday, July 15, 2011


We made the return trip to Houston on the 5th July. This time we managed to keep the trip to 10 hours instead of 12.5! Dave drove the whole return trip (crazy boy, but we were on to a good thing and we didn't want to change anything!) and we managed to only have one stop for lunch along the way! Yay for us!!

Day one back in Houston Dave set off in the morning to find us a car. I went off to do a little shopping around The Woodlands.

I met up with Dave later in the afternoon when he arrived back at Danon and Chantelle’s – with our new car!!

He had managed to find a 1994 Honda Accord within our price range, and so had made the most important purchase of the trip! Very exciting.

We went to the Wednesday night prayer and worship service at Woodsedge Church – Danon and Chantelle’s church, and following I went with Chantelle to choir practice (just to see how they do things :)) while the guys had a little man-date!

Day two started with Dave going off to organise registration and insurance for the car so that we can start driving it, while I had a little sleep in! when he got back we went for our first big wander around Walmart. Danon was good to us and put up with me saying over and over how much cheaper everything was compared to Australia!

We dropped Danon at home and then Dave and I went and did a little more shopping. For dinner we went out to Cheesecake Factory, and were joined by some friends of Danon and Chantelle’s. We were very pleasantly surprised by the food there. Our only knowledge of Cheesecake Factory is what we have seen on the Big Bang Theory!! The food was fantastic, and so many choices. Oh, and massive servings!

We spent the next few days shopping (we bought very little clothing with us), eating and swimming in the pool. The night swims were bliss!

Saturday night we were able to join Chantelle for a work party. The boys were a little disappointed with the food (canap├ęs!) so we went across the street to grab a pizza at Grimaldi’s. Dave and I rarely buy pizza anymore (we make pretty amazing homemade pizza – if I do say so myself!) but this pizza was so worth it!

It was a beautiful balmy night to sit outside.

Sunday morning we joined the worship at Woodsedge Church where Chantelle co-led with her incredible vocal skills!! It was great to hear her again after so many years! We heard a great message by the pastor there, and followed church with a swim in the pool. Perfect Sunday and perfect way to spend our last day in Houston.

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