Sunday, April 29, 2012

Final Day in America

Our last day in America was a crazy one. It was sad to be leaving, but we had such a busy day that we didn't really have time to notice. Dave picked up our hire car nice and early, and we went and did a little last minute shopping at Target and a couple of other places.

Then we had to get back to the hotel to decide what we would pack in our two suitcases each, and what we would post back to Australia. Not an easy task! I think we got some of it done before we had to leave the hotel. After leaving the hotel our first stop was In-N-Out Burger. Unbelievable, but out first In-N-Out experience in seven weeks was in the last six hours we were in the Country! It did not dissapoint. Neither did my last massive Dr Pepper!

We drove across LA and found a post office not far from the car rental drop off, and proceeded to spend about four hours sorting out our car load of stuff, packing, boxing up things, repacking more times than I care to remember. It was INSANE of us to leave it all to the last minute, but you live and learn. We will not do that again! Thank goodness we had a night flight or we would never have made it. We were pushing it time was anyway.

I don't know if I should really admit this or not, but by the time we had weighed all the packages we posted back to Australia, and all of our luggage had been weighed at the airport we had well over 150kg of stuff!! I'm almost embarrased to say it, but our suitcases were so heavy that they shouldn't have been allowed on the flight, but the lovely airline worked must have taken pity on us or something because he let them go through! Our last few hours on American soil were spent waiting around LAX, and then after the best seven weeks of our lives we were headed home.

Just a little sample of what we bought home!

We loved America and still miss it now!

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