Friday, April 20, 2012

Grand Canyon North Rim Accommodation

Our Accommodation at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon was nothing short of beautiful. Stunning scenery, peaceful surroundings, an adorable log cabin with a view towards the rim, it was just magnificent, and we wished we had booked more nights there.

After parking, the first place we had to go was to check in, of course! This is the main lodge.
Either side of the lounge are these amazing stone decks with seating for settling into and drinking in the views.
Back out the front of the lodge is the Rough Rider Saloon, the post office, deli/cafe and gift shop.
At this point we were already fairly giddy with excitement, so we made our way to our cabin. nestled amongst other cabins and lots of trees we came to this...
Yeah, we were pretty impressed too!

Our first night there we sat out on our little front porch and enjoyed our dinner and the view.

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