Monday, May 28, 2012

33 Reasons

Today is Dave's 33rd birthday. Happy birthday to my best friend, my husband, my baby's daddy. I love you more than I can say!

To celebrate Dave, I have come up with 33 reasons I love him!
1. He loves God
2. He loves me so well
3. He loves our baby so well already it is incredible!
4. He has the best work ethic - it's almost too good
5. He strives to provide for us
6. The way I wake up some Saturday mornings to a completely clean kitchen
7. The way he encourages me with his words
8. For setting up the baby's cot already
9. For making dinner when I can't be bothered
10. For being ok with me not cooking for nearly two months while I had morning sickness!
11. The way that he prayers over me and the baby
12. His care for his family
13.The way he loves my family
14. When he plays his guitar
15. Listening to him worship all by himself down in the spare/music room
16. His generosity
17. When he washes my car!
18. His laugh
19. His fashion sense - he picks better clothes for me than I do!
20. When you read books I recommend
21. Watching him read the Bible
22. Knowing what an incredible father he is going to be, and already is!
23. Going on road trips together
24. Your desire to better yourself and grow in God
25. His kindness
26. His patience with me when I vent
27. Knowing he loves me unconditionally
28. Hearing him talk to the baby
28. Knowing he supports me in everything I do
30. The way he perseveres through anything
31. For introducing me to cherry lollies
32. For proposing to me and sharing life's great adventure with me
33. That he is all mine!

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