Friday, May 11, 2012

House vs Home

I'm not sure if it's early signs of nesting, but I am wanting to get our house cleaned up and organised and decorated a little nicer, and not just in the room that will be the baby's.

When we first got married we had planned on being in our own home by now (we rent) so I think that subconsciously I decided that there wasn't much point in going to overboard in making this house our home, putting our own stamp on it. We just brought in furniture and a whole lot of stuff and I never really decorated at all. Of course over time we have accumulated more items and I have made a little more effort to make our house more homey, but we don't even really have photo's up around. In fact I can only think of three photo's that we have framed! That's quite shocking when I think about it.

It's quite strange really that I haven't done a lot with our house, because when Dave and I first came to look at it we both felt like it was "home" the moment we walked in. And it is home, but I hadn't put up a lot of homey touches until about six months ago. Now with a little one on the way, I am really starting to think about how we can really make this our home.

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