Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend Bargains

On Saturday morning I went and did a little shopping with my sister. With it being the end of the financial year I knew that there would be some pretty good bargains to be had, but with the baby on the way I have been extra careful about what I'm spending, and most extra cash has been going towards things for him or her.

But into town I went, and sure enough I returned home with a number of bargains. In fact I spent under $50 on all of these items. $45.74 to be exact.

This cute skirt, the two tops and the fun coloured tights were $5 each!

I then picked up the belt and the earrings for $2 each. Yep $2!

I didn't forget about baby either. The two bibs were $5.24 and the gorgeous blanket was only $7.50!

I returned home a very happy shopper.

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