Wednesday, October 24, 2012

38 Weeks!

Baby size: baby is almost 49.8cm long and weighing around 3kgs!
How far along: 38 weeks and 1 day! So close!!
Maternity clothes: Still not wearing any maternity stuff, but the jeans only go on now for church. It's yoga pants the rest of the time!
Food cravings: I have finally had some cravings - cakes and donuts.
Food aversions: Still minced beef and cooked vegetables. I tried to eat a hamburger patty on Monday night. The first bite was spat out into the rubbish bin!
Symptoms: I have had what I think are braxton hicks contractions, just times when the belly tightens for a few seconds. Some days it happens a few times, other days not at all.
Midwifes appointment: We have an appointment on Tuesday where Kerry will come out to our house, so I don't have to get dressed and go anywhere!
Movement: Baby has started to slow down a little, running out of room in there I think! When it does move they are quite big movements, or I'm getting little feet or knees jabbing me under my ribs on my right hand side. Sometimes baby must be having a good stretch because it can feel like I have a foot poking my ribs for up to an hour at a time.
Gender: Can't wait to find out!
Best moment of the week: Feeling like we have all the practical stuff ready. I know there is only so much we can do emotionally to prepare, but all the other things seem to be ready.
What I miss: Hugging Dave without a basketball in the way! It will be nice to hug again without the bump there!
What I'm looking forward to: Meeting our little one!! Come soon bubba!

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