Thursday, October 4, 2012

Lately: Getting Ready for Baby

Much of my day to day activity lately has been about getting ready for the baby's arrival. More loads of washing than I care to count (how cute are the nappies and the tiny little onesies?!!!), making baby shower invites (following printer issues at Lydia's house!!), cooking up about 7 freezer meals, putting the car seat in the car (then needing Dave's older brother, who has three kids, to re-fit it for us because it was moving all over the place back there) and starting several sewing projects for the baby's room (and completing none of them as yet!).

The dining table is a disaster, as is the pile of stuff next to it for the garage sale we were going to have this Saturday, but have had to put back for two more weeks. The baby's room is getting closer to being ready for the little one. I still need to do some stocking up on essential items for both the baby and the house, but will wait until after the baby shower to make any last minute purchases. Once that is done, I'll be able to pack our hospital bags and then hopefully put my feet up for a week or so before we are no longer a pair, but a threesome!!


  1. Congrats on your sweet little one, enjoy all this fun nesting!!

  2. getting ready for a baby and preparing everything for the little one is just the best way to get more excited about the new life, that while join the life...