Monday, November 12, 2012

One Week

(I wrote this when he was eight days old, but I have had computer issues and so am now only getting the chance to put up on the blog.)

Hugo, you were one week old yesterday and already mama is a little concerned about how quickly the days are going.

These first days with you have been a blur, a mix of sleeping, eating, nappy changes and staring at you.

Hours can disappear as we drink in you, your scent, your tiny features and all the little noises you make.

My hormones kicked in at about day five and I get all teary at the drop of a hat. It's yet to be over anything bad, simply because I'm aware of how blessed I am and how undeserving of it all I am.

That God would entrust you to us astounds me. You are precious beyond words. Your daddy and I can't imagine life without you, and we both seem to have forgotten what life was like before you.

Our love for you has only increased our love for each other and I cannot imagine a more incredible man for you to call "daddy." He has astounded me with his confidence as a parent and seeing the two of you together takes my breath away.

We love you little Hugo and are cherishing these early days at home together, the three of us, knowing that soon daddy will be back at work, and you will keep growing, faster that we can keep up with.

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