Saturday, May 1, 2010

Birthday Overload

April and May at our house are crazy birthday months..I'm not kidding. Half Dave's and my family members birthdays fall in these two months. We go broke from all the presents we have to buy! Nah we don't really, I have a good system in place to make sure we don't eat only canned beans for 2 months! So here is a quick rundown of some of the birthdays so far. Last Saturday it was my mum's birthday, on Tuesday it was my sisters turn (it was her 21st!!! her party is tonight so I'll post about that soon), next month it's Dave, two of his neices, and two of his sister-in-laws. whew. Last weekend though we got our party on for his cutey patooty bigest neice, Leila, who was also the flowergirl at our wedding. There we are below (with her little sisters head in the corner of the shot! Ruby didn't want to miss a photo op!)

And what better way to celebrate turning 5 than to have a very bouncy gymnastics party! Oh yeah! I'm not sure who had more fun, the kids or me! Here's the birthday girl on beam doin her thang! Leila loves gymnastics, she got moved up a level this year (actually two - yep I'm having a brag!) so now she trains with the big girls. Look at the skill she's showing in the picture of her on the beam. ;)

She and all the kiddies had a did I but man was I sore the next day! I'm so not as fit and flexible as I used to be, but when I saw that trampoline I just couldn't help was calling to me!
Anyhoo, in a couple of weeks it's this little munchkins turn. I think her party is at a carousel...I shouldn't have sore muscles after that right?!

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